#CBLoves | Healthy inspiration, inside and out

As the temperature falls and we all succumb to the sniffles, we’re looking to our favourite bloggers for some healthy inspiration. Take care of your body and mind this winter season with this selection of inspiring recipes and Nouvelle Daily First up, a foodie pick, as Nouvelle Daily shares this incredible recipe for Caramelised Butternut and Quinoa Salad. Just thinking about that lovely gooey butternut squash and sharp tangy feta has got our tummies rumbling in the office today. Autumn Beauty Haul If, like us, you’re after a healthy glow this autumn (when aren’t we?!) look no further than this stunning roundup of Autumn beauty picks from I Covet Thee. We’re sure this vlog will inspire more than a few shopping splurges this weekend as we all flock to Lush to stock up on lovely bath goodies. brigette-bloom-via-MYSTICMAMMA Continuing with the healthy inspiration trend, No More Dirty Looks have shared their favourite essential oils for meditation. They’re inspiring us not to let the stress of the holiday season get us down – so make sure you make time for yourself this Christmas! Essie Button Positive Body Image And finally, we end on a positive note as Essie Button reminds us all to keep the internet a friendly place. In her post, she reminds us that another woman’s beauty doesn’t take away from your own, and calling someone ugly doesn’t increase your own beauty. We’re sad to see that some of our favourite vloggers are shying away from their passion because of a nasty minority. We love your work, Essie, and hope you’ll continue to do what you do!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

November 25, 2014