At Home Microdermabrasion With Trophy Skin

trophy skin at home microdermabrasion

We all crave perfect skin, the kind of skin that’s permanently glowing and doesn’t need to be caked in make-up, just so we can walk out of the door. We don’t all want to use harsh chemicals, or start getting into scary surgical procedures and it can seem a waste of time heading to the salon for multiple treatments, only for the effects to wear off after a few days. So, how do you achieve such perfection without spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds at the salon? You might think the lustrous skin of your youth is out of reach; actually, it’s just below the surface, hidden by layers of dull and dead skin cells that build up over time. However, it’s easy to achieve with the at home microdermabrasion range from Trophy Skin. Read on to discover the Trophy Skin Microderm MD and the Mini MD. 

What Does Microdermabrasion Do?

Microdermabrasion targets a whole multitude of ‘skin sins’. Microdermabrasion treatments can be used for anything from stretch marks, fine lines, acne scarring and dull, tired skin to ageing skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

How do the Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion Devices Work?

The salon-standard devices combine diamond-tip exfoliation and gentle suction to buff away the top layer of your skin, delivering immediate results. The soothing, pain free treatment increases circulation to the epidermis layer of the skin, rebuilding your natural stores of collagen and elastin. The sucking pulls the skin taut, so the diamond tip can fully slough away the top layer of skin and remove any uneven texture. The filters catch any dead skin cells, preventing them from clogging the device and also from re-entering your pores.  In just a 5-minute session, you can effortlessly exfoliate your skin and invigorate your complexion. What’s more, without microdermabrasion your skin roughly absorbs around only 50% of the lotions and potions you put on your face daily. With microdermabrasion, your skin absorbs around 80%, meaning your expensive skincare products can actually do their job. The devices are suitable for use on all skin types, including those with the most sensitive skin.

trophy skin at home microdermabrasion

What is the Microderm MD?

The Microderm MD is the larger of the two Trophy Skin microdermabrasion devices. The system has two settings, a step by step auto guide for beginners or a manual setting for those more advanced in using the device. It also comes with a how-to DVD, filled with even more advice. There is a digital display on the product that guides you through the treatment and shows where to apply the diamond tip and in which direction using arrows. On the auto setting, the system takes control of the strength of the exfoliation and suction, along with timings for different areas of your face, taking only 5 minutes for an entire treatment. With the manual setting you are in control of the strength of the suction and can choose where you treat. For example, you may only want to concentrate on one area of your face, neck or chest and if you are more experienced with the device, then a higher suction setting may be more appropriate. We recommend using the device 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

The device also comes with two extra suction tips, the blackhead extraction tip and an infusion tip. The blackhead tip helps to remove the gunk from clogged pores, whereas the infusion tip help increase the penetration of serums and moisturisers, by pushing them deeper into the skin, achieving better results from your products. The Microderm MD comes with a cleaning brush to remove all the nasties gathered from the treatment and a bag of filters which should be replaced within the device after each use.

trophy skin at home microdermabrasion

What is the Mini MD?

The Mini MD is the smaller, more portable version of the larger Microderm MD. This device has two suction strength settings. It doesn’t have the step by step guide like it’s big sister but offers the same microdermabrasion results. The same process is used with the filter being inserted before use and removed after, then using sweeping motions over the skin to treat, maintaining contact all the time. The Mini MD just comes with one diamond tip and not the extra extraction tips, however, it is a much more portable device, perfect for taking on holiday to slough away suncream clogged skin.

What Results Should You Expect From Microdermabrasion?

Smoother, brighter, more youthful glowing skin are just some of the words we hear from our happy customers who have used the microdermabrasion devices. The before and after photos from Trophy Skin speak for themselves…

What About Replacement Tips?

The diamond tip that comes with your device, should last between 3-6 months, depending on how frequently you treat. The blackhead extraction and infusion tips that come with the Microderm MD do not need replacing. When the treatment doesn’t feel as effective as it used to, or the diamond tip feels too smooth, it’s time to get a replacement. We offer a variety of Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion replacement tips, along with more specific tips like precision and body varieties. The following are available to add to your at home microdermabrasion treatment:

  • Standard Diamond Tip: This is the same tip that comes with your Trophy Skin Microdermabration device. It is the perfect gateway to allow you to practice using your device and see first hand the immediate effects of the Microderm MD and Mini MD.
  • Fine Diamond Tip: The less abrasive design of this tip enables those who have sensitive skin to treat at home without fear or causing abrasion to their skin. The ultra-fine coarseness of this diamond tip lessens the risk of redness and minimises irritation.
  • Body Diamond Tip: The wider surface of this replacement tip allows you to treat larger areas of the body, enabling you to even out skin tone and reveal a more radiant glow. This tip allows you to use your Trophy Skin device on the neck, chest, hands, feet or any body part with rough skin.
  • Precision Diamond Tip: This replacement tip allows you to reach the more delicate, angular areas of your face. A smaller surface area helps you use your Trophy Skin device around your eyes, lips and nose as the reduced abrasive tip lessens the risk irritation.

You can also repurchase the wool filters which protect your device in and out of use and provide visual proof of the Microderm MD or Mini MD working as they catch the skin cells and other impurities.

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