Amy Willerton’s best friend in the run up to Miss Universe 2013

We were pleased to hear at CB towers that the gorgeous Amy Willerton – who is representing Great Britain at Miss Universe 2013 – has been incorporating both Slendertone Abs and Slendertone Face into her routine as part of prep for the competition. Amy grew up in Bristol, has won the title of Miss Universe Great Britain 2013 and will now represent Great Britain at the Miss Universe 2013 contest which takes place in Moscow in November.

Amy Willerton, Miss Universe GB and Slendertone user

Dr Vincent Wong, Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner and founder of La Maison de l’Esthetique on Harley Street, recommended that Amy to use Slendertone Face to naturally stimulate her facial circulation, improve her complexion and bring about a ‘sparkling radiance’. “Sounds great, but she’s so young!” I hear you cry. Well, Dr Wong advises that “Even younger women of Amy’s age can benefit from embarking on facial toning as a preventative method against muscle atrophy which starts at around 30. As we age our muscles lose mass which causes the attached skin to sag and hollow and causes ageing of the face.” Just as you exercise in the gym to maintain tone and health, your facial muscles can benefit from being correctly exercised too! The increased blood flow also helps clears the build-up of toxins – which can cause a number of skin complaints.

Amy on Slendertone Face:
“Slendertone Face already gives me a lovely glow after I use it – I just pop on the headset and forget I am treating my face– which is great as I have so many things I have to do at the moment”.

Remember Jarod Chapman, Slendercise instructor extraordinaire? Amy has also been working with the fitness expert and personal trainer in the lead up to the competition, and using Slendertone Abs for 20 minutes a day, five days a week, ensuring peak muscle tone and definition is maintained between gym visits. Jarod said, “Amy will improve her abdominal strength and tone with her Slendertone Ab belt. The compact design means that it will fit easily into her travel bag. In this way Amy can maintain her abdominal toning whilst traveling for work projects or whilst taking a much needed summer holiday.”

Amy on Slendertone Abs:
“Your stomach feels really tight after use, I use it while I am getting ready to go out, while I potter around the house or even when I am at the gym for a boosted work out”

We’ll all be crossing our fingers for Amy in November!


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