5 Cringe-Worthy Situations L(A)B Will Banish From Your Life

Let’s hear it for the ladies!

Scientist sister trio, Charlotte, Sophie and Lauren, are the masterminds behind L(A)B life + beauty – an exciting new range of products that recently hit the digital shelves at CURRENTBODY.com. After studying at Oxford University, the sisters decided they would try their hand at creating their own line of electrical beauty devices, and we’re really glad that they did!

“As scientists we wanted to create apparatus that will improve your health and beauty routines and give visible, professional results at home.”

So which products have we welcomed to our range? They’ve got everything from wrinkle reducers and teeth whiteners to face lifters and spot zappers – and they’re all set to take care of these 5 cringe-worthy situations.

J Law Spot

The Situation: You have a date tomorrow night and a spot the size of Ben Nevis on your chin.

The Solution: The L(A)B Blue-Ray Spot and Acne Treatment

The Science: If you thought blue rays were exclusive to DVD players, think again, as this compact little device uses concentrated blue light rays to literally zap your spots. By killing the bacteria and reducing inflammation, your pesky spots will vanish in 24 hours!

Lauren Conrad No

The Situation: You’ve just read about tech neck, but also can’t bear to give up your time on Candy Crush.

The Solution: The L(A)B PRO LIFT Face Lift and Toning

The Science: This handy little miracle worker is proven to reduce wrinkles, tone the skin and boost collagen production – so it’s a brilliant, non-invasive alternative to surgery!

Bluth No

The Situation: Someone suggested you start using eye cream at night…

The Solution: L(A)B EYE FOCUS Targeted Wrinkle Reduction

The Science: If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, your eyes are likely to show the effects first. This little device will reduce puffiness around the eye area, and help your creams and serums to penetrate the delicate eye area more effectively.

Maya Rudolph Teeth

The Situation: You just walked into a job interview with food in your teeth

The Solution: L(A)B Teeth Whitening Kit

The Science: Alright, this device might not be able to stop you from walking into important meetings with remnants of your breakfast bagel in your teeth, but it can help whiten your teeth by 11 shades from the comfort of your own home! Winning!


The Situation: Your priorities have changed, and your budget no longer stretches to a monthly facial.

The Solution: L(A)B GALVANIC Current Skin Care Device

The Science: This handy little device actually takes care of two skincare tasks. First up, it acts like a magnet for impurities and cleanses your skin using galvanic currents. Next up, you can also use it to apply creams and serums, meaning you’ll stop losing 50% of your lotions and potions to your hands.

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