4 Christmas adverts that will melt your heart this season

Snow, shopping and school nativities – all signs that Christmas is on its way, but in recent years there’s another phenomenon that tells us the big guy is almost here. Christmas adverts.

We’ve rounded up our favourite ever adverts that melted our hearts and really got us in the spirit of Christmas.



It’s not Christmas time until the coke truck has arrived and we’ve heard that ‘the holidays are coming’. It’s been on every year since 1995 and has to be at the top of our list.

John Lewis


It was tough to say which John Lewis Christmas ad was the best, but the bear and the hare really captured the essence of Christmas.

Yellow Pages 1992

This is a classic and makes us feel all warm and Christmassy inside!


Based on the real events of Christmas Eve, 1914, this Sainsbury’s advert touched our hearts and taught us that ‘Christmas is for Sharing’. You can even buy the chocolate bar from the ad at Sainsbury’s now, with all profits going to The Royal British Legion.