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Beurer BF 800 Smart Diagnostic Scales

Health monitoring

Beurer BF 800 Smart Diagnostic Scales

Health monitoring

  • Weighs in kilos, pounds and stone
  • Smart technology
  • Measures body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass and bone mass
  • Connects to a downloadable smartphone app
  • Keeps track of your health on the go
  • Contemporary design

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A Smart Device

The Beurer Smart Diagnostic Scales BF800 take weighing scales to the next level.

A digital diagnostic scales, it allows you to keep track of a variety of health and fitness data. When used with its app, it transfers data via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet so that you can keep track of your measurements.

Plus, you can share this home-use scales with all the family too.


Accurate Measurements

The Beurer BF 800 operates with the B.I.A. (bioelectric impedance analysis) principle. As an intelligent scales, it includes many measurement features:

Body weight (kg/lbs/st)

Body fat percentage

Body water percentage

Muscle percentage

Bone mass

Basic and Active Metabolic Rate (BMR and AMR) in kcal

The BF 800 can scan your body and calculate accurate and reliable readings. It also has an athlete mode with 5 activity levels and memory for 8 users.

As a smart device, you can track and manage all your data on the app, Beurer Health Manager, which is free to download.

What's in the Box?
  • Beurer BF800 Device
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • Multilingual user guide