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Beurer HK 63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heating Pad

Warming heat

Beurer HK 63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heating Pad

Warming heat

  • Boosts circulation
  • Provides targeted heat therapy
  • Customise your treatment with different heat settings
  • Maximises comfort
  • Relieves built-up muscular tension
  • Easy to use controller

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Excellent Relief

This model features a rapid heat-up function and 3 temperature settings which can be selected using the user-friendly, detachable controller.

It has BSS overheat safety protection, ensuring the heating pad will automatically shut-off after 90 minutes of continuous use for your peace of mind.

Of course if you wanted to use your heating pad for longer you can; simply turn the heat setting to 0 then back to your chosen temperature for continued use.

What's in the Box?
  • Beurer HK 63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heating Pad
  • Cover
  • Controller
  • Instructions

Find out more

The maximum temperature that can be reached depends on many factors, including the product (heat pad, foot warmer, electric underblanket, electric overblanket), the model (e.g. with or without automatic cutoff) and the room temperature.

It is therefore possible only to give average values obtained under standardised conditions at a room temperature of 20°C +/- 5°C.

Different measurement conditions are specified for each product.

The individual values can therefore not be compared with one another.

  • Heat pad: 70°C - 75°C
  • Foot warmer: 45°C - 50°C
  • Underblankets: 60°C - 65°C
  • Overblankets: 40°C - 50°C

    The size of this magnetic heating pad is approx. 40 x 30cm.

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