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Beurer GS 51 Heavy Duty Glass Scales XXL

Keep track of your weight

Beurer GS 51 Heavy Duty Glass Scales XXL

Keep track of your weight

  • Glass scale
  • Non-slip standing surface
  • Digital LCD display
  • Sensor button technology
  • Displays in kg/lb/stones
  • Automatic switch-off when not in use

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Time saving and stylish

Contemporary designed digital scale which is unlike other bathroom scales as it has a 200kg capacity and a large spacious standing platform. These 2 features allow you to measure your weight even if you have a high BMI, which can prove extremely useful when you're trying to lose weight.

When you step on the Beurer Extra Large Glass Scale, it automatically activates using switch on technology meaning that you don't have to fiddle with time consuming buttons or dials to read your weight. It clearly and accurately displays your weight on a digital LCD screen in kilograms, pounds or stones depending on your own personal preference.

After you've finished using the scales, when you step off they then switch off again automatically to save energy.

An extremely useful feature of the Extra Large Glass Scale is that you can type in your target weight, and after this the scale updates you with your progress every time you weigh yourself. It does this by calculating and displaying how many pounds, kilograms or stones you are from reaching your goal, which can be a great motivational weight loss tool.

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  • Beurer GS 51 Heavy Duty Glass Scales XXL