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Beurer EM 49 Digital TENS/EMS Unit

Compact technology

Beurer EM 49 Digital TENS/EMS Unit

Compact technology

  • Combats chronic pain
  • Uses light electrical impulses
  • Natural way to alleviate pain
  • Uses TENS, EMS and massage technology
  • Relieves tension
  • Ideal complement to medical treatment

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Natural Pain Relief

Did you know that using a TENS machine can speed up muscle rehabilitation by reducing inflammation and retraining nerve paths?

Beurer's TENS technology is great for relieving tension and massaging your muscles to boost overall wellbeing.

Choose from 70 training programs and 64 pre-programmed applications to personalise your treatment.

The doctor's function allows you to seamlessly complement your personal therapy program.

Muscle Stimulation

TENS technology uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to gently relieve pain.

Soft impulse massages work through biphasic rectangular pulses to train and regenerate muscles.

The timer function allows you to predetermine the length of your treatment between 5 and 100 minutes.

The 2 seperately adjustable channels ensure an ergonomic and portable design.

What's in the Box?
  • Beurer EM 49 Digital TENS/EMS Unit
  • Belt Clip
  • 2 Connection Cables
  • 4 Adhesive Electrodes (45cm x 45cm)
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual

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Dimensions:132mm x 63mm x 23mm