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Beurer EM 29 Knee and Elbow 2-in-1 TENS

Stay pain-free

Beurer EM 29 Knee and Elbow 2-in-1 TENS

Stay pain-free

  • Relieves joint pain
  • Portable controller
  • Handy belt clip
  • Treats both knees and elbows
  • Flexible and ergonomic shape
  • Universal cuff

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Relieve Joint Pain

TENS gentle electrical stimulation is a natural pain reliever without medicine use or side-effects.

Relieve joint pain with Beurer's TENS technology, working through 4 pre-programmed applications to soothe muscles.

Adjust the intensity of the medical treatment with 20 different levels.

The wear-free water contact electrodes don't require contact gel or replacement, making them easy to maintain.

Gentle Electrical Impulses

Beurer's TENS technology gently works on pain receptors with electrical nerve stimulation.

The low-maintenance carbon contact electrodes are incredibly durable, mean you can enjoy using your device for longer.

The countdown timer has an integrated safety switch-off to avoid over-stimulation.

The pulseform offers symmetrical, biphasic and square pulses to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment.

What's in the Box?
  • Knee and Elbow 2-in-1 TENS Device
  • Universal Cuff
  • Connection Cable
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual

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Dimensions:8.6cm x 8.3cm x 3.6cm


This device must not be used by those who wear cardiac pacemakers, epileptics, pregnant women or people with cardiac arrhythmias.