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Valkee 2 Bright Light SAD Headset

Valkee 2 Bright Light SAD Headset

In the autumn and winter we get exposed to less daylight. As a result its common for people to feel more tired, to require more sleep and to have increased cravings for carbohydrates. The Valkee 2 Bright Light Headset supplements sunlight and its natural, positive effects.

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The Valkee 2 channels light through the ear canal to photosensitive regions of the brain, which has an uplifting effect on your mood, energy level and cognitive performance.

With over 45,000 users already - a staggering 87% of them are recommending it to others.

Researchers at Oulu University in Finland have studied the effect of the Bright Light Headset since 2008 and are convinced that they have discovered a breakthrough in preventing and treating seasonal and ordinary depression.

The Valkee2 has been re-designed with the following features:

  • Completely redesigned LED earbuds for better comfort and fit into different shapes and sizes of ear canals
  • Thin aluminum body is slimmer and looks stylish
  • Ingeniously simple user interface
  • All adjustments are made without need for a computer, and the battery charge and remaining session time are displayed on the power-switch

Valkee 2 Bright Light Headset features:

  • Treatment time required is only 12 minutes
  • Increases energy and can act as a preventative or treatment of mood swings
  • Keeps your spirits high
  • Reduces the need for excess sleep
  • Portable and fits in the pocket
  • Rechargable - 2 weeks battery life
  • CE Class II(a) medical device certification and is clinically tested for effectiveness against Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Valkee versus Traditional Treatments

Bright light is the standard treatment for many types of depression, and in particular for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The treatment instrument is a bright light lamp, which is used to impact the depressed regions of the brain with light. The Valkee Bright Light Headset is based on the same mechanism and the same healing effect of light, but is more effective and easier to use than the lamps are. Bright light has been studied as a cure to also some other forms of depression, with encouraging results.

With the traditional bright light, treatment time is suggested at least 30 minutes and preferably 1 hour per day, with the need to sit in close proximity to the therapy lamp. With the Valkee 2 Bright Light Headset you only need daily light exposure for 12 minutes a day to benefit from the effects. Due to its small size, you can use it in the morning, during your commute or at work. It travels with you like a cell phone and mp3-player.

The Science

Bright light has shown efficacy in various mood swings, and is a widely-accepted de-facto treatment for winter blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The brain has been found to have photosensitive areas that react differently to the lack of light, and that respond functionally to light exposure. Our eyes are not the most effective route to deliver light to the photosensitive parts of the brain: the ear canal, where the skull at its thinnest, is the most effective route to direct light to where it is needed.

Valkee increases the amount of light received by the brain to a natural level when there is not enough natural daytime light. It is a safe and natural way to charge yourself.

Clinical trials

In a clinical trial, 92% of people with severe seasonal symptoms experienced total relief within 4 weeks a revolutionary result. Symptoms included anxiety, reduced cognitive performance and tiredness. In user studies, Valkee users also have reported increased energy, reduced carbohydrate cravings and a reduced need for excess sleep.

In addition to the clinical testing programs that Valkee has undergone, Valkee organised an open user test in November-December 2010, with 60 volunteered people testing Valkee in real life use for 60 days, who reported on their own experiences. 78% of the people felt that the Bright Light Headset relieved fatigue and 73% felt that it helped them to cope better with their daily need for energy (73%).