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The Wells

At CurrentBody we are dedicated to bringing you innovative and exciting new products every day. If the fitness, sports, health or beauty industry is raving about something, you can be sure we are sitting up and taking notice.

We want to give you the inside track on what you can achieve with our products as well as useful tips from those in the know; people who have used the machines. That’s why we’re welcoming Phil and Liv Well to the site. As their names suggest, their focus is on healthy living and they will keep you updated about their fitness, sport, health and beauty goals and how they are achieving these, through regular blogs on the CurrentBody site.

The Wells will also be helping us highlight key products for you, whether a bargain which is too good to miss or new technology you’ll want to know about. You’ll also spot them at and on our dedicated Facebook group.

We’d love to hear your feedback about The Wells and encourage you to make the most of their product knowledge. You can email them directly at or

Welcome to The Wells.