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TensCare Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever

TensCare Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever

Many of us suffer with period problems, and for some people taking paracetamol just doesn’t relieve the excruciating pain. This Ova Plus Period Pain Reliever uses electrode patches to transmit a small electric current in your body to ease pain that has resisted all other methods. It’s safe, effective and could be the answer to your period troubles.

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The Ova Plus uses electrodes to transmit a small electrical current into your body. This blocks pain signals from reaching the brain and stimulates the natural production of endorphins to raise your threshold for pain perception. It also helps to relax contracted muscles too, so your period pains are eased within no time. These electrical signals are based on a proven medical therapy known as TENS. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.


Every woman’s period is different, and that’s why the Ova Plus is so fantastic. It has special large electrode pads to make sure the entire abdomen gets coverage and the pads can also be used on your back, if backache is your biggest problem. It also helps  Endometriosis sufferers too. We love that it’s so discreet – it’s an upgrade on their older model and has been designed to be even smaller and the battery lasts even longer!

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