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Liberty Vaginal Probe

Liberty Vaginal Probe

The Liberty Vaginal Probe is a replacement accessory for the itouch Sure pelvic floor exerciser, and compatible with most Muscle Stimulators and EMG Bio feedback equipment.

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The Liberty is a high-quality, re-useable probe. It is recommended that you replace your probe at least every six months.

The Liberty vaginal probe is an electrode designed for single patient use and when used with the itouch Sure device sends a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscle using clinically recognised programmes.

Liberty Vaginal Probe features:
  • 73mm long and 28mm at the widest part
  • Designed to sit comfortably just inside the vagina
  • Universal pigtail connector
  • Single-patient use
  • Reuseable for up to six months
  • Lightweight, with smooth outer casing and easy to insert