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Talika Free Skin Purifying Energy Booster

Talika Free Skin Purifying Energy Booster

The Talika Free Skin is a handy, portable device that is designed to tackle blemishes using two forms of light technology. Blue Light targets the bacteria within the blemish and Red Light not only tackles redness but encourages skin regeneration to accelerate the healing process. These two light wavelengths work synergistically to improve the appearance of your skin.

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Why It Works

Talika are experts in the field of using LED light to help with skin problems. Harnessing the light technology originally discovered by NASA scientists, both Red Light and Blue Light have been proven in many clinical trials to target the problems caused by acne.

Why We Love It

Its hard to believe that by using this handheld device for just 6 minutes a day you can reduce acne and soothe redness, but the results speak for themselves! 78% of users say they noticed a difference in their appearance and that their imperfections were reduced. Its pocket-sized and portable so you can have it with you in times of skin care emergencies, plus the research behind the science inside it gives tells us just how impressive this beauty tool is.