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Talika Cream Booster

Talika Cream Booster

Boost the efficacy of your skincare products. Inspired by aerospace research, Cream Booster utilises three technologies to deliver maximum results in one simple device

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Are you dreaming of cosmetic products that are more effective than ever?

Talika, a precursor in the cosmetic use of light, has created Cream Booster. The applicator which enhances the effectiveness of all your skincare products.

The combination of three exclusive technologies in one device delivers a targeted and reinforced action from the active ingredients, for even greater effectiveness.

Your moisturising cream becomes a super-moisturiser, your anti-wrinkle cream a super-anti-wrinkle treatment, and your purifying care a super-purifier.

The three technologies:

Galvanic Current

Ions propel the active ingredients deep inside the cell by reducing resistance ten-fold for a period of several minutes. This is the time it takes the ingredients to reach their target.


Orange light (590 nm) activates cells, which start to behave like young cells again, using the full potential of the active ingredients.

Gentle Vibrations

Vibrations boost local microcirculation, improving intercellular communication. Active ingredients are better distributed through the stratum corneum to the benefit of all cells.

Galvanic Current + Phototherapy + Gentle Vibrations = the equation to boost active ingredient effectiveness!

How To Use It

  • Use Cream Booster in addition to your usual skincare.
  • Apply your usual skincare product to thoroughly cleansed skin.
  • Take Cream Booster and place your index finger onto the device's metallic plate.
  • Place the head of the device onto the area to be treated. The device will start up automatically.
  • Move Cream Booster onto the areas to be treated, from the interior of the face outwards, for 1 minute.

The Talika tip:Cream Booster may be used at any time of day, even without cream, to relax and re-energise the epidermis.

Do not use Cream Booster if you have been fitted with a pacemaker and/or any other medical device.