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Slendertone Optimum Large Replacement Pads - 100mm x 100mm

Slendertone Optimum Large Replacement Pads - 100mm x 100mm

These large replacement pads for the Slendertone Optimum device are pre-gelled and ready for use straight from the pack.

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These self-adhesive pads should be connected to the Optimum dual leads. The Pad Placement Chart, included in the product box, illustrates the correct placement of the pads for each selection of target muscles. The flexibility of these replacement pads means it is easy to treat all areas.

The lifetime of your pads is determined by your skin's pH value; we recommend no more than 20-30 applications as repeated use of the same pads can compromise stimulation safety. It is important that you do not use the pads when they no longer stick to your skin. The Pads are Latex Free. The Pads supplied are pre-gelled and ready for use straight from the pack.

How to Use:

To reposition your pads during a session, always stop the programme that is currently running, reposition the pads as directed on the Pad Placement Chart and then restart the programme>
Only use pads supplied by Slendertone with your Slendertone Optimum product. Any others may not be compatible with your unit and could degrade the minimum safety levels.
  • The pads are for single person use only
  • Do not plunge the pads into water
  • Do not apply solvents of any kind to the pads
  • Always ensure the unit is OFF before removing the pads
  • Apply the whole surface of the pads firmly to the skin
  • Do not use pads which do not attach to the skin properly
If your skin is red under the pad after a session, do not start another session on the same area until the redness has completely disappeared.

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The Science

Slendertone Optimum Small Replacement Pads contain a conductive gel that enables them to be used straight from the pack. The pads, also referred to as electrodes, are manufactured by a leading supplier in the medical device industry and have undergone rigorous safety and biocompatibility testing prior to entry into the market.

The size of each electrode has been adapted to ensure maximum effectiveness of the targeted areas as well as improve their usability.