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L(A)B Teeth Whitening Kit

Pearly white teeth

L(A)B Teeth Whitening Kit

Pearly white teeth

  • Professional whitening tool kit
  • Makes your teeth 11 shades whiter
  • Visible results in just 2 days
  • Simple to use
  • More economical than traditional cosmetic dentistry
  • Perfect for use at home

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Great Results at Home

Save yourself expensive trips to the dentist with L(A)B teeth whitening. With treatment times as short as 20 minutes, this is one of the quickest and most simple whitening devices we've ever seen here at CB towers. Plus, it can make your teeth up to 11 shades lighter - perfect for those summer holiday nights.

The Power of Light

Using 7 LED lights and non-peroxide whitening gel, the L(A)B whitening kit can give you results like never before. In just 4 simple steps you can have a brighter, whiter smile.

1. Apply L(A)B Whitening Gel to mouth piece

2. Either spray L(A)B Activator spray directly onto top row of teeth or onto a cotton wool pad and rub onto top row of teeth.

3. Press Push button on battery pack to start LED light.

4. Place into mouth over top row of teeth and wait for 10 minutes. Following treatment, rinse your mouth and repeat on the bottom row of teeth.

Repeat the process up to 3 times in 24 hour depending on your desired effect. Top up your treatment every 3 to 6 months to maintain your sparkle.

What's in the box?
  • L(A)B Whitening Mouth Piece
  • L(A)B Whitening Gel
  • L(A)B Accelerator
  • Extension Cable
  • 2 x AA Batteries