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Emmi-dent Calculus Remover

Emmi-dent Calculus Remover

The Emmi-dent Calculus Remover Tip works mechanically by using the dark tip to gently remove tartar from the tooth surface and between the teeth.

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The Calculus Remover Tip can be used as handheld or it can sit on top the Emmi-dent Toothbrush.

If we do not clean our teeth regularly and accurately, plaque forms on the surface of our teeth, which is primarily made out of bacteria. The dental calculus takes shape if this plaque calcificates, (calcium carbonate, in other words limestone is deposited in it.) The dental calculus may develop above and under the gums. It forms opposite the exit slots of the big salivary glands in the largest quantity. The coffee, tea, coke, smoking can equally discolour the teeth and the calculus.

If our teeth regularly are not brushed after meals, removing the harmful plaque, inflammation may occur mainly under the gums in the case of developed tartars. At this time the gums are reddish, painful, at toothbrush is bleeding, moves away from the teeth. The inflammation can also spread into the tooth bed deeper tissues, later can cause bone decay. The shift of teeth may begin; they become movable, and can fall out later on.

The best way to prevent the build up of calculus is through twice daily tooth-brushing with the Emmi-dent and regular use of the Calculus Remover.