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Beurer MG 148 Shiatsu Massaging Belt

Beurer MG 148 Shiatsu Massaging Belt

Ease aches and pains in your neck, back or shoulders with the Beurer MG 148 Shiatsu Massaging Belt.

This easy to use piece of at home massage equipment will relieve tension and help you relax, melting your stress away.

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Experience Total Relief With the Shiatsu Massage Belt

The Shaitsu Massage Belt by Beurer gets the seal of approval from us because it targets those areas that are common place when it comes to aches and pains.

Been crouching over a desk all day? Carrying a baby? Been hard at it at the gym? The Shiatsu Massage Belt can relieve all the tension caused by the stresses and strains of everyday life.


Salon Standard Massage At Home

Your MG 148 Shiatsu Massaging Belt works by using both heat and massage to target muscles that are tight or sore.

The belt has a practical handle, hands-free application which is possible by wrapping around your body. Includes a belt extension, light and heat function and automatic switch-off.

It features easy to use controls on the unit with a choice of two massage directions.

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Versatile and selective application

Soothing shiatsu massage

Targeted application for the hard-to-reach shoulder and neck area

Easy application with the operating element on the product

Choice of 2 massage directions

Practical handle

Hands-free application possible

Incl. belt extension

Light and heat function