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Rio Forever Free IPL Hair Remover

Rio Forever Free IPL Hair Remover

The Rio Forever Free IPL hair remover is an at-home IPL hair removal system. It uses intense pulsed light IPL technology to give long term hair reduction.

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When theForever Free IPL hair remover is placed against the skin, gentle pulses of intense light are directed at the hair follicle to disable the hair root without affecting the surrounding area.

Forever Free IPL features:
  • Each flash treats upto 70 hairs Suitable for facial and body hair
  • 20mm x 10mm treatment area
  • Long life bulb
  • 10,000 bulb flashes
Suitable Skin Types:

Not suitable for dark skin tones, for example, those of Afro-Caribbean, black African, Indian or Pakistani descent. Even if your skin tone appears to be suitable on the skin tone chart, do not use if close relations (parents/grandparents) have skin tones as described above.
Not suitable for red, light blonde, grey or white hair.

Treatment Areas:
IPL Hair Removal is suitable for use on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, back, chest and certain areas of the face.

Safety Features:
  • The unit must be unlocked using a key A security button sequence is required to activate the unit
  • Your first treatment will always be on power level 1 and can only be increased by one level after a treatment is performed
  • The wand features a bright orange light which will cause you to blink if pointed directly at the eye
  • Treatment will only take place when all 4 skin sensors are in contact with the skin
  • The bulb is shielded to avoid any risk of stray light
  • The aperture includes a UV filter to reduce UV light exposure on the skin
  • You will need to leave 5 seconds between treatment flashes to allow the unit to fully recharge
  • Power can only be increased by one level per treatment flash
  • The skin sensors must be lifted off the skin between treatments to reset the wand
  • Treat each area only once in each session

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How to Use:

  1. Shave the area to be treated. This ensures that the light energy goes directly to the hair root and avoids hair burning on the surface
  2. Connect mains power lead into the power socket on the back of the unit and plug into the mains
  3. Turn the key clockwise to the on position to unlock. The light around the key switch will flash green. Power level 1 will illuminate and the fan will start-up
  4. Enter the security code by pressing the buttons (highlighted in black) in the following order: The unit will emit 2 beeps and the keys witch will stop flashing and illuminate green. A series of self-checks will be performed. During this time, the power levels will illuminate up and down. When completed, the lowest power level will illuminate and the enable button will flash blue ready for selection
  5. Press the enable button once.The enable button will stop flashing.The orange lights on the wand will illuminate. Note: Each time the power setting is adjusted, you will need to press the enable button to continue.
  6. Place the wand over the area you wish to treat. Ensure all 4 skin sensors are in contact with the skin (you may need to apply gentle pressure). The blue readylights will illuminate.
  7. Press and hold the treatment button on the wand. This initiates the treatment flash. You may feel a slight warming of the area.
  8. The blue lights will go out after the treatment flash. The unit will also self-check after each flash. This takes fives seconds, during this time the power level lights will illuminate up and down.When moving the wand to the next area, the skin sensors must be lifted off the skin.If you are increasing power for the next treatment, press the (+) button and return to step 5. Important: Do not exceed the maximum power level for your skin type.


What is the difference between IPL and a laser? There are two big differences between Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light. Generally IPL covers a much larger area than the relatively small treatment spot with lasers and therefore treatments of larger areas are much quicker. The other difference is the wavelength of light produced. Lasers produce light with a specific wavelength whilst IPL uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths. This limits IPL to specific skin types.

How big is the treatment area? 20mm x 10mm

Why is it important to shave? It is important that any area being treated is shaved so all the light energy is directed straight to the hair root for maximum effect. This also prevents burning of the hair above the skin surface which can be uncomfortable.

What safety features does it have? The main safety feature regulates the power level, so that it can only be increased by 1 step per treatment, starting from power level 1. This reduces the risk of using too high a power level. Power can be decreased in as many steps as required. Other safety features include:
  • A keylock
  • A security code to prevent misuse
  • Skin sensors on the wand to ensure IPL treatment only occurs when good contact is made with the skin
  • A bright orange blink safety light which will cause a blink reaction if pointed directly at the eye
  • A UV filter in the IPL aperture to avoid the risk of damaging UV light.
  • Over temperature detection

Are there any side effects? As with all hair removers which use light energy, there may be slight reddening of the skin after use or lightening of the skin in patches. They should both disappear within 24 hours.