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Riiviva Microderm Body

Riiviva Microderm Body

The Riiviva Microderm uses salon professional technology to give you clearer, healthier looking skin.The diamond tip passes over your skin whilst the device vacuums away the excess particles, giving you fantastic exfoliation and rejuvenating your body.It's also fantastic for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and mild acne too.

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The Riiviva Microderm is the first and only FDA registered microdermabrasion device thats available for use in your own home, and were excited to be its exclusive distributer here in the UK.

Whether you want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite or improve the texture of your skin Riiviva can do just that.


Riiviva Body, uses a gentle diamond tipped abrasion, which resurfaces the outermost layer of skin. Then, using a small vortex vacuum, it cleans away unwanted dead skin cells.

Removing this outer layer of skin results in a smoother softer texture, enhances skin brightness, and improves scarring, stretch marks, Keratosis Pilaris*, and improves the look of rough and bumpy skin.

*What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris, aka KP or Chicken Skin is a common, genetic condition manifested by the appearance of rough, slightly red, bumps on the skin. When the body over-produces Keratin (a natural protein in the body), the hair follicle can become trapped in the pores of the skin. Often it is an embarrassing and annoying skin condition. Worldwide, nearly 50% of the adult population and approximately 50-80% of all adolescents have KP.

Whats In The Box?
  • Cordless Riiviva microderm

  • (1) Diamond Body Tip

  • Skincare MD Serum

  • (50) Filters

  • Tweezers

  • Black Travel Bag

  • Charger


We Recommend

The Riiviva Microderm Replacement Tips, choose from:

Face, Body, Chest, Precision, Acne, KP, Cellulite & Stretch mark tips in varying sizes to suit your needs.

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Microdermabrasion Treatments

As we age, the skin cell turnover rate slows down, often leaving the skin looking dull and rough. Microdermabrasion removes the outer layer by gently polishing the skin with a high quality diamond tip while vacuuming the loosened skin cells away into its filter canister. Removing this outer layer of skin results in a smoother softer texture, enhances skin brightness, and improves dry dull skin.

Microdermabrasion is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots, mild acne and scarring, stretch marks, keratosis pilaris, and improving the look of rough and bumpy skin.

Exfoliating Suction

Microdermabrasion is the process of abrasion and suction. As the diamond tip surface passes over the skin, the device vacuums up the exfoliated particles and skin debris. The suction aspect of the treatment is as vital as the exfoliation aspect. The suction (with the abrasion) stimulates the dermis, causing a remodeling process in the skin to occur. As the skin repairs itself, it becomes thicker, smoother and looks healthier as a result. Riiviva microderm was designed with three levels of suction (low, medium, high) and 3 degrees of coarseness to accommodate varying levels of skin sensitivity.

Clinically Tested

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular skin treatments offered in dermatology clinics, med spas, and esthetician offices today. Twenty-five years of research and clinical studies have shown the power of microdermabrasion to be an effective method for beautifying and treating the appearance of a variety of skin conditions.

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92% reported tighter skin after one treatment 85% reported fewer fine lines and wrinkles following 6 treatments 82% reported a decrease in brown spots following treatment 80% reported smoother skin following one treatment 100% of those tested were satisfied with their results 100% of those tested found Riiviva to be an effective treatment for their skin 100% reported better absorption of their skincare products following Riiviva microderm 100% reported that makeup was easier to put on following Riiviva microderm treatments