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Pulsaderm Buddy Green

Pulsaderm Buddy Green

Cute, convenient and super versatile, the Pulsaderm Buddy is an awesome new beauty tool that every girl worth their salt will be desperate to get their hands on, and so will you if what you're after is flawless skin for the Summer and beyond.
Want smooth, clear skin no waiting? The Pulsaderm Buddy will have your skin looking fresher and brighter in just one week!

This sweet little device is lightweight and the smooth white rubber handle with hot pink flashes is easy to hold. This means you can concentrate fully on massaging and cleansing your skin to a whole new level, leaving you looking illuminated and glowing.
With the option of 7 additional heads all with different uses from the masterclass make up sponges to the exfoliating pumice stone to cashmere soft extra long brush heads for sensitive skin; you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice.

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Whats In The Box?
  • Luxury silver mock croc wash bag
  • AC adaptor and USB
  • Your Pulsaderm Buddy with one brush head attachment

Get Pulses Racing With The Pulsaderm Buddy

At CURRENTBODY we adore the Pulsaderm Buddy so much because it is the ultimate travelling companion and its much smaller than most of the cleansing brushes on the market at the moment.

This great little cleansing device cleans our skin better than any cleansing product alone, removing all traces of last nights makeup and grease leaving us with baby soft skin.

The Buddy soaks up any moisturizer far better and leaves a smooth base for applying your foundation, so the next day we look fresh and invigorated, however late our night was!

Your device also comes complete with a seriously cool silver mock-croc travel case that has plenty of room for all of our beauty essentials.


A Skin Saving Beauty Tool

Your new pulsaderm skin saving buddy uses its very own patent pending pulsation technology.

What this means for you is that the sonic micro pulses your buddy generates gently break away makeup, dirt and oil from your face leaving your skin beautifully cleansed and pores minimised.

All this vibrating action totally revitalises your face leaving you looking fresh and healthy, whilst actively fighting those pesky blackheads and blemishes day-in, day-out.

The brush provided in your kit is water resistant helping it to quickly dry after your dreamy cleansing experience and gently exfoliates your face to leave it at its absolute softest.

The great thing about the pulsaderm buddy is that you can collect up to 8 different brushes in total to treat your yourself to a complete beauty overhaul.

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How to use your Pulsaderm Buddy

First prepare by removing your eye make up by hand.

Next wet your face thoroughly.

Then apply your chosen cleanser to your face by hand.

When all that is done you can turn on your Buddy to the speed that suits you and wet the brush head ready to go.

Being careful not to press too hard, use circular movements to glide your Buddy across your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

When you’ve finished cleansing, rinse your face with water, gently pat dry with a clean towel and follow with a moisturizer.

To remove the brush head on your buddy-

you simply pull it off, DO NOT TWIST

The Buddy has two varying speeds so you can customise your routine depending on how your skin feels or the results you want.

For a gentle cleanse press the power button under the brush head head once or for more vigorous exfoliation go for the press twice press a third time to turn your Buddy off

97% of 59 women aged 18-55 experienced an improvement in their skins texture after four weeks in an at home consumer survey

Your Buddy can be charged using the AC adapter or USB attachment provided and takes up to 24 hours but once charged will last for between 20 and 30 uses.