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PHILIPS S9031/26 SHAVER 9000 with SmartClean system

PHILIPS S9031/26 SHAVER 9000 with SmartClean system

The S9031 Shaver 9000 is Philips' most advanced shaver yet. The unique contour detect technology offers exceptional coverage over every contour of your face, and the V-Track system guides hairs into the best cutting position for the closest result.

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What's in box?
  • Protection cap for cleansing brush attachment
  • Click-on cleansing brush attachment
  • Comb for beard styler attachment
  • Click-on beard styler attachment
  • Click-on trimmer attachment
  • Click-on shaving unit
  • Socket for small plug
  • Adapter
  • Small plug
  • Retaining ring holder
  • Pouch

Aquatec Wet and Dry for a comfortable dry and refreshing wet shave

The Aquatec Wet and Dry seal of the electric shaver lets you choose how you prefer to shave. You can get a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave using a shaving gel or foam for extra skin comfort. At the touch of a button, SmartClean cleans, lubricates and charges your shaver, keeping it performing at its best, day in and day out.

How does it work?

The patented V-track Precision Blades gently position each hair in the best cutting position, even flat-lying hairs and hairs of different lengths. Cuts 30% closer in fewer strokes, leaving your skin in great condition. The new fully flexible 8X directional heads maximise facial adaptability, requiring less effort in every stroke. Their independent movements allow them to catch 20% more hair for a clean shave in fewer strokes.