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Oxyjet Evo2- freshen your skin and significantly reduce wrinkles

Oxyjet Evo2- freshen your skin and significantly reduce wrinkles

If you have loved the Nora Bode OXYjet then it is time to try the new, more powerful Nora Bode Evo2 . This set contains everything you need to smooth and freshen your skin and significantly reduce wrinkles at home or on the go - no needles required!

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This new applicator enables fans of the famous Nora Bode salon treatments to treat their skin to the same concentrated active ingredients and pure oxygen to smooth out wrinkles and revitalise skin.

Small enough to fit into a handbag or vanity case and easy to hold, it comes with two oxygen cylinders and a full range of Nora Bode BEAUTY-TOX treatments.

With pulsed oxygen pressure, highly effective cosmetic formulations of NORA BODE and pure concentrated oxygen in the deep layers of the skin are shot ... without needle gently, effectively and safely!

All cosmetic problem areas can be treated painless and free of side effects. Thus, for example wrinkles filled, lightened pigment spots or blemishes gently softened.

The inserted into the skin of active substances act as long-term deposit at depth, and the pure oxygen supplies the skin with this new energy and freshness. Oxygen - our lifeblood .

The treatment pressure was fixed after an investigation by the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering in St. Ingbert that the penetration of the active ingredients used to ensure at the same time the skin is not injured.

The easy-to-use OXYjet set contains BEAUTY-TOX treatment products which you apply to problem areas of your skin and then push them gently into the deep layers of the skin using oxyjen pressure.

No More Aged Skin The kit contains the latest in cosmetic technology to relax muscles and boost collagen formation to diminish lines and wrinkles. and there is sufficient oxygen in the refills to do 2 complete facials or 8 areas of the face. The OXYjet set is suitable for all skin types.

Your kit contains everything you need for:
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare
  • daily care
The oxygen used in the treatment with the applicator vitalises the skin and provides it with new energy.
The BEAUTY-TOX drug cocktail fills in fine lines and provides new elasticity.The OXYJET Refill Insert cartridge into the applicator, the corresponding BEAUTY-TOX ampoule concentrate onto cleansed skin, and off you go. using oxygen pressure pipe the valuable ingredients gently into the deep layers of the dermis. For fresh, smooth, beautiful skin!

Important after-treatment: In order to secure the long depot in the skin, the regular use of the corresponding NORA BODE is required preparations at home.
They are exactly matched to the previously infiltrated by the pressure injection concentrates. This is crucial to the long-term treatment success.

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  • For treatment of the mouth and lip area, you get BEAUTY-TOX instant lip volume. Wave goodbye to thin, pale lips! Emphasize the lip contour, nourish the delicate skin, and beautify the lips with the 3D effect.

  • For treatment of the eye area, you get BEAUTY-TOX instant eye action. Anti-aging begins in the eye area!

    Revitalize sensitive skin, fill up moisture deposits and smooth the delicate eye area.

  • For treatment of dry skin, you get BEAUTY-TOX instant moisture. Instant action that immediately replenishes the skin's moisturizing agents.

  • For treatment of problem areas, you get BEAUTY-TOX luxurious caviar patches. Instant caviar lift for an immediate soothing effect. Relieve swelling around the eyes, minimize lines, and return a youthful smoothness to the skin.