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Beurer MG 295 HD 3D Shiatsu Seat Cover (Black)

Beurer MG 295 HD 3D Shiatsu Seat Cover (Black)

Start looking forward to your morning drive to work or thanks to the Beurer Shiatsu Seat Cover.

Offering a penetrating 3D back massage when your on the go, this massaging tool will transform your travel and ease persistent aches and pains.

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Sit Back & Relax

With the Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover we never have to get stressed out in traffic again. Just a flick of a switch starts a massage experience to rival any salon.

With spot massage and a soothing rolling massage we can adjust the device to suit our specific needs and work target areas.

Target Tense Spots

Your Shiatsu Massaging Seat Cover works by using both heat and massage to target muscles that are tight or sore.

With a switchable light and heating function and two massaging speeds, you'll be able to tailor-make a massage bespoke to your needs, relieving any muscle based back pain while going about your daily life.