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Magnitone Well Heeled! Express Pedicure System

Magnitone Well Heeled! Express Pedicure System

Make sure you've got fabulous beach feet all year round with the Magnitone Well Heeled! Express Pedicure System.

An super-quick and easy pedicure device, it gently buffs away hard and rough skin from your feet.

Designed as a fabulous lightweight, fast-drying waterproof pedi device, it's fantastic for getting great results under your toes and the curve of your foot thanks to its dome-shaped rollers.

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Smooth Soles

Whether you're sun-bound or just love smooth, soft feet, the Magnitone Well Heeled! is a great solution for taking care of that pesky dry skin we all suffer from on our feet.

Battery powered with two types of buffing options, it is great for doing regularly maintenance, whether you want to go for a fully fledged colourful pedicure or just get rid of your dry skin.


Brilliant Buffing

Getting fabulous feet has never been so easy thanks to the Magnitone WellHeeled!

Coming with two types of dome-shaped rollers, you can set yourself up for the type of buff your feet need.

Coming with two types of interchangeable roller heads, the regular buff is ideal for normal buffing, where your feet need just a few seconds of buffing.

For harder, more rough skin or cracked skin, use the Extra Buff roller head, which will tackle the tough stuff.

The head's curved design gives you a better finish under toes as well as being able to buff with the contours of your foot.

Also, its 360 rotation means that you get a fair and even buffing session.

We promise your feet will thank you later!

What's in the Box?
  • Magnitone Well Heeled Express Pedicure System
  • Regular Buff Roller
  • Extra Buff Roller
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • FREE Magnitone Heather Marten Wash Bag Worth £20.00