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Magnitone Shower Hammock

Magnitone Shower Hammock

Keep your cleansing routine well organised with the Magnitone Shower Hammock. This cleansing brush accessory is super handy as it stores your Magnitone Cleansing Brush as well as two brush heads. It holds on tightly to all bathroom surfaces like glass and tiles, even after getting drenched from your shower.

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Organisation Station

Nothing beats a well-organised cleansing regime and the Magnitone Shower Hammock is a great way to make sure all your brush heads and your cleansing brush are ready to keep up with your cleansing plan.

Not only does it hold two brush heads, which is ideal if you share your brush handle, it also helps keep it clean and allows it to dry while it sits in its stand.

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  • Magnitone Shower Hammock