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Magnitone Pulsar and Lucid Replacement Brush heads

Magnitone Pulsar and Lucid Replacement Brush heads

Replace your brush head every 3 months to keep your device performing like new and to maintain the skin-kindness of magnitone bristles.

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$ 20.23
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Skin Kind Bristles

We love that all Magnitone brush heads have Skin-Kind Bristles for a gentler touch on skin and a softer deep-cleansing experience. You can achieve a fresh faced look whilst still taking care of your complexion.

Why It Works

Active Clean Brush Heads - These are great for daily facial cleansing and make-up removal. They give deep and gentle exfoliation of the skin, and are compatible with Magnitone Lucid & Magnitone Pulsar.

Sensitive Brush Heads - These have lighter bristles for more gentle deep-cleansing and are suitable for use on problematic or allergic skin types. They are compatible with Magnitone Lucid & Magnitone Pulsar.

Body Cleanse Brush Head - This is for use with the Magnitone Pulsar only. It has strong, short bristles for better exfoliation and is perfect for use after hair removal.

Silk Bliss Luxury Brush Head - These are ultra soft and are designed for superior deep pore purification, more luxurious lathering, deep skin hydration and a more blissful facial cleansing experience.

StimSoft Luxury Massage Brush - This brush has rounded rubber bristles for enhanced stimulation of skin and toning. It helps with the application and absorption of skincare creams, moisturisers and serums. It's specifically designed to enhance the PulseLift Massage mode on Magnitone Pulsar.