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Lustre Replacement Adhesive Strips

Lustre Replacement Adhesive Strips

Designed to be used with the Lustre Pure Light Classic and Lustre Pro device, the Pro Strips are replacement adhesive strips.

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Easy Treatment

The Lustre Pure Light Pro is an acne treatment that uses light technology to treat spots and blemishes.

Easy to fit into your current skincare regime, the treatment is for just 20 minutes a day.

The small and portable device remains an effective acne treatment by replacing the adhesive strips regularly - 60 replacement strips is approximately one month's worth of treatment.


How to Use

Using the Lustre Pro Strips are easy to use with some simple steps:

Step 1. Remove the used adhesive strip from the therapy head and discard it.

Step 2. Clean the therapy head using a cleansing wipe or damp cloth. Do not use liquid on the therapy heads.

Step 3. Apply a replacement adhesive strip to the therapy head.

What's in the Box?
  • 60 LustreStrips