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L(A)B Blue-Ray Spot and Acne Treatment

L(A)B Blue-Ray Spot and Acne Treatment

Using Blue Light and Thermal Energy the L(A)B spot reduction device can help prevent and reduce breakouts in under 24 hours. Just use it as soon as you feel a spot coming on and the clever little gadget will get to work, reducing any pain and swelling.

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Portable and Easy to Use

We love this clever little spot reduction device from L(A)B. Its sleek and compact design means it's great if you're on the go, and it'll easily fit into your make up bag. It's so easy to use, in just 3 simple steps you can have clearer skin.

Step 1 - Cleanse the area of your face you wish to treat.

Step 2 - Turn the device on and wait for the top to warm up.

Step 3 - When the device beeps, press the star button. Place the probe firmly on the blemish and hold for 2-3 minutes. 

You can repeat the cycle up to three times in 24 hours to really get the treatment working.


Combines Blue Light with Thermal Energy

Various wavelengths of light have been proven to treat various skin problems, and blue light in particular works to banish spots and blemishes. The light is absorbed into the skin and works to destroy bacteria, leaving your skin clear in just 24 hours. This L(A)B device also uses thermal energy to reduce inflammation and redness of any pesky spots that do manage to break through.

What's in the box?
  • L(A)B Blue-Ray Device
  • 1 x AA Batteries
  • User Guide