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Beurer IPL 10000+ Permenant Hair Removal Device

Beurer IPL 10000+ Permenant Hair Removal Device

The extra large surface area on the IPL 10,000 Hair Removal Device means that you can undertake a full body treatment at home in just 26 minutes and with a cartridge holding 250,000 flashes you can have long lasting, spa quality hair removal for up to 60 years.

This is the largest hair removal device on the market today and offers a smooth, speedy salon experience using a flash and glide function leaving you silky smooth in no time at all.

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Bigger is Better

The IPL 10,000 is one of our favourite hair removal devices at the moment, simply because is offers the fastest full body hair removal time of any other device.

Thanks to its huge surface area (7cm squared) the IPL 10,000 gives a full body coverage, equal to a salon treatment in just 26 minutes. This means we can easily fit permanent hair removal into our busy and demanding lives.

Intense Pulsed LIght

The IPL 10,000 offers permanent hair removal through its use of the innovation in beauty technology - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) use in professional dermatology treatment.

The light is absorbed by the root, which in turn stops the hair from growing.

The Cartridge provided holds 250,000 light pulses and users in clinical trials experienced 50% hair reduction after only 3 or 4 treatments.

Whats In The Box?

Base Unit and Applicator Mains Cable Instruction Manual

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Technology for long lasting hair removal used in professional cosmetic institutes**

Fast, safe and reliable

Includes cartridge with 250.000 light pulses****

Fastest application - Around just 26 min to treat the entire body*

XXL 7cm2 light surface for especially fast treatment

Clinically tested technology for maximum safety at home

Up to 50% hair reduction after only 3 - 4 treatments

State-of-the-art light technology used by dermatologists for professional hair removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) deactivates the hair follicle deep under the skin to prevent hair growth

Incl. precision attachment

Maximum safety with 2-in-1 skin-type and skin-contact sensor

With "flash-glide" function for comfortable usage

Easy and safe application for use at home

Integrated UV filter to protect the skin

For the face, arms, legs, armpits and the bikini line

Cannot be used on dark skin

May be ineffective on white or light-coloured hair

* At the maximum energy level for arms, legs, face, armpits and the bikini line

** Technology appraised by Institute proDERM, Hamburg

**** Sufficient for 40 - 60 years of normal use