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Hot Donut Hair Bun

Hot Donut Hair Bun

Say hello to your bad hair day saviour. The Hot Donut Hair Bun is a clever new multipurpose styling tool created by Apprentice Contestant Aisha Kasim. It’s the first heated hair bun on the market and it’s taken the beauty world by storm. Just wrap your hair around it in the day, flick the switch to heat it up, and reveal loose curls and waves in the evening.

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How It Works

The Hot Donut Hair Bun works like reusable hand warmers. Once youve wrapped your hair through and around it, snap the metal clip inside and it will harden and heat up, gently adding waves to your hair throughout the day. When evening comes, take out the hair bun and youll be left with beachy waves, and therell be no need to redo your hair to go out. If you want to use your Hot Donut Hair Bun again, leave it in a pan of hot water until it turns to liquid, dry it off and repeat!