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Globus Genesy 600 - comes with 149 programs

Globus Genesy 600 - comes with 149 programs

The Globus electro Genesy 600 pro professional range of stimulators have a wide variety of applications including 29 fitness and 53 sport programmes.

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The Genesy 600 allows you to use two different programs simultaneously and includes multi-user management with storing preferences means that you can create a library of custom programs.

The Genesy 600 comes with 149 programs:
  • 53 Sport
  • 20 TENS
  • 29 Fitness,11 Rehab
  • 23 Microcurrents
  • 3 Incontinence
  • 3 Denervated
  • 12 Co-Contraction,
  • 7 Action Now
My Trainer
Displays the images of the electrode placement directly on the screen.

Stim Fit
Modifying contraction parameters during stimulation.

Action Now
The new programs are Action Now useful to be able to associate and synchronise the electrical stimulation with voluntary action.

Co-Contraction Can stimulate muscle kinetic chain, thanks to the activation of muscle groups interested in different times. The sequential contraction of the muscles of the legs and arms can get a deep spill interstitial fluids.

Stim Lock
Allows the patient to use only pre-selected programs by the therapist.

Dual Stim 2 +2
Possibility of two programs simultaneously

By pressing a single key you can increase the intensity of the 4 channels simultaneously.

Share the stimulator among more users, maintaining memorised the respective plannings, preferences and programs.

Memo function
You can create a customised program listing .

Last 10
The last programs performed are kept in the memory which means they are available for fast execution.

Ionotphoresis (galvanic current)
Ideal for the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Micro-currents (Mens)
New and innovative trends "healing" and "regenerative" for health treatments

Genesy 600 features:
  • Visualisation of electrode placement on the screen
  • Programming possible in rehabilitation and pain relief.
  • Ability to use two different programs simultaneously.
  • Contraction in demand with the "Action Now" function
  • Co-contraction special lymphatic massage
  • Automatic intensity.
  • Multi-user management with storing preferences.
  • Create a library of custom programs.

Technical Features:
  • 4 independent channels
  • Frequency: 0.3 to 150 Hz
  • Power: 120 mA
  • Amplitude: 45-450 S
  • Pulse shape: rectangular biphasic compensated
  • Power supply: rechargeable battery.