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FOREO LUNA Play Facial Cleansing Brush

FOREO LUNA Play Facial Cleansing Brush

Small, but mighty, the FOREO LUNA Play gives you all the goodness of the LUNA cleansing experience in a compact and cute device.

A great introduction to T-Sonic cleansing, as well as being great for cleansing on-the-go, use FOREO LUNA Play for just one minute twice daily to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil and make-up.

Plus, thanks to its 100-use battery, you don't need any chargers or cables.

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Small, But Mighty

The size of a cotton pad, FOREO LUNA Play is packed full of powerful cleansing goodness.

Giving your effective yet gentle skincare, its unique silicone touch-points combined with subtle T-Sonic vibrations help shift 99.5% of dirt, oil and make-up.

If you're new to cleansing brushes, FOREO LUNA Play is a great affordable introduction and if you can't live without your FOREO LUNA, this device is a must-have for your make-up kit or gym bag.


Suitable For All Skin Types

Its sleek and simple Swedish design is easy on the eye, but it also gives you a 2-zone cleansing solution.

Its finer touch-points cleanse sensitive or normal skin on larger areas like your forehead and cheeks.

The thicker touch points give a deep and precise cleansing to areas like your T-zone.

Even though it is the size of a cotton pad, it channels 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations every minute.

Waterproof and 35X more hygienic than other cleansing brushes, FOREO LUNA Play is perfect for daily use.

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