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FOREO ISSA Replacement Brush Head

FOREO ISSA Replacement Brush Head

To get the best results from your FOREO ISSA or ISSA Mini Toothbrush, you should aim to replace the head every year. The thick bristles have fantastic coverage of your teeth, ensuring you get a brilliant clean every time, and the silicone material is extremely hygienic, taking care of your mouth and gums like never before.

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Why We Love It

We love that FOREO ISSA heads only have to be replaced once a year, which is much less frequently that standard bristled toothbrush heads. Because they are made of silicone, they stay cleaner for longer, cutting down your after care costs.


Why It Works

The FOREO ISSA brush heads generate high intensity pulsations, similar to the technology found in FOREO's cleansing devices, to effectively clean and remove stains. The completely unique design gives 3D flexibility to reach every crevice in the mouth, making sure every tooth and part of the gum is given a deep clean.