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FOREO Cleansing Collection Kit

FOREO Cleansing Collection Kit

Your skin is in for a treat with the FOREO Cleansing Collection Kit

Oozing sleek Swedish design and the famous T-Sonic technology, the FOREO LUNA Mini 2 gives you soft brush head made from silicone touch-points with pulsations to help remove 99.5% of dirt, oil and make-up.

You get to complete your skincare regime with the FOREO Day and Night Cleansers, perfect to help you achieve clean, clear skin.

FOREO Cleansing Collection Kit - Worth £157

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Luxury Skincare

When 97% of users experience more deeply cleansed skin when they use a FOREO LUNA mini 2, you know you're onto something excellent!

The FOREO Cleansing Collection Kit gives you a FOREO LUNA mini 2, which removes 99.5% of oil, dirt and make-up. The complementary FOREO Day and Night Cleansers, packed with lots of natural ingredients, to keep your skin fresh and clean.


T-Sonic Technology

Designed with FOREO's unique silicone touch-points, the FOREO LUNA mini 2 is a 3-zone brush to give you an excellent cleanse.

Made 50% larger than the first generation FOREO LUNA mini, its silicone is softer so this cleansing brush for women is suitable for every skin type.

It is designed with touch-points of different sizes: thinner touch-points will gently cleanse normal and sensitive skin; thicker touch-points give you precision cleansing, and the broader touch-points on the reverse side of the device are perfect for oilier skin.

Its 8 speed settings allow you to set the intensity best suited to your skin to give you a fully customisable cleansing experience.

The FOREO Day and Night Cleansers, with their texture-transforming formulas, are a great complement to FOREO devices.

The Day Cleanser boasts 95% of ingredients from natural origins, including apricot seed, bergamot and mandarin, and yogurt probiotics to nourish, moisturise and fight against daily pollutants. Changing from a creamy yogurt into an airy foam, it awakens your skin whilst protecting it throughout the day.

The FOREO Night Cleanser has sweet almond extracts, peptide extract from the Moringa seeds, and meteorite powder to soothe and soften as well as detoxify your skin. From silken gel changing to a velvety milk, this cleanser for women will help you achieve soft, smooth and luminous skin.

What's in the Box?
  • FOREO Cleansing Collection Kit - Worth £157
  • FOREO LUNA mini 2
  • FOREO Day and Night Cleanser 60ml