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FOREO Cleansers - Day Cleanser / Night Cleanser

FOREO Cleansers - Day Cleanser / Night Cleanser

The FOREO Day Cleanser & Night Cleanser are a must-have accompaniment to all LUNA devices and are designed to work with the specific needs of your skin during the day and night. The signature T-Sonic pulsations bring life to the transformative textures and trigger the active ingredients, so they work deep into your skin to give you the best absorption and results.

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A Cleanse Like No Other

Day Cleanser

Boasting 95% of ingredients from natural origins, the FOREO Day Cleanser includes oil extracted from apricot seeds to help nourish and moisturise the skin, bergamot and mandarin extract that's rich in vitamin C which offers essential antioxidant and purifying properties that restore the skins radiance while toning and refreshing, and yogurt probiotics to give skin cells active defence against daily pollutants and to supply it with nutritive elements. Amazingly changing from a creamy yogurt into an airy foam, it is a must-have facial cleanser for women that will truly awaken your skin while protecting it throughout the day.

Night Cleanser

Packed full of natural ingredients, 97% to be precise, the FOREO Night Cleanser sweet almond extracts helps to soothe, soften and deeply nourish the skin, the peptide extract from the Moringa seeds aids the removal of pollution particles, and the rare and precious meteorite powder gives amazing effective cleansing whilst detoxifying the skin and saturates it with softness. Starting off as a silken gel and swiftly changing to a velvety milk, this cleanser for women is the ultimate nighttime indulgence to help you achieve soft, smooth and luminous skin.