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Beurer EM 25 Glute Toning Device

Beurer EM 25 Glute Toning Device

Get buns of steel with our Glute Toning device by Beurer. Along with regular excersize, the Glute Toning device will tone and build muscle in the targeted area giving your derriere a more sculpted and lifted shape.

This slimline toning device is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear so you can work on your new shape in the comfort of your home.

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Its all about sculpted curves in the fitness and celebrity world at the moment and the perfect shapely bottom is at the top of everyone's list.

We love that the Glute Toning device by Beurer has us well on our way to acheving our ideal silhouette thanks to its muscle strengthening and sculpting abilities.

Your toning device works by sending gentle electrical pulses to stimulate the muscle.

This cause them to contract and relax repeatedly, aiding with any muscle training or rehab and helping to scuplt your muscle to your ideal.

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EMS toning device for the glutal area
Bulids and tones the gluteal muscles
Targeted application, comfortable and safe to use
4 electrodes with 15 level adjustable intensity, includes self adhesive gel pads
Battery powered with auto switch off