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Elegant Touch Lux Gel Polish

Elegant Touch Lux Gel Polish

Mix up your gel nails with these luxurious gel polishes from Elegant Touch. They're designed to be used with your Elegant Touch gel nail lamp and last for over 2 weeks. Coming in a variety of colours, there's a polish for every event!

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When used with your Elegant Touch Gel Nail kit, these polishes can last, unchipped, for over 2 weeks. Before painting, you need to apply the Lux Gel Clear Top & Base Coat then cure for 60 seconds under the lamp. Then apply a layer of colour Gel Polish and cure for a further 60 seconds. Finally apply another coat of Clear Top & Base and cure for a final 60 seconds. Wipe your nails with a cleanser and you're done! You can just call it the 3 minute manicure. 


Paintintg your nails can be a real chore, which is why regular nail varnish just doesn't cut the mustard in the CB office anymore! These gel polishes look fantastic, and with such a good range of colours, you'll never be stuck with the same look all year round!