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DAFNI Straightening Hairbrush

DAFNI Straightening Hairbrush

The DAFNI brush consists of a 3D top quality ceramic surface, springy bristles to get to the root while protecting the scalp, peripheral heat insulating bristles to protect the user and stretch the hair. Top notch plastic housing with that comprises an ergonomic handle, build in electric cable and a simple on/off button. Beneath the surface is located an advanced heating element that is supported by a smart software, combining these with ten times the power of a professional straightener, DAFNI brush keeps the optimal temperature of 185˚C / 365˚F constant while brushing.

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Why It Works

Ceramic brushing knobs- The purple part is a ceramic body that heats up to 185C / 365F, when hair goes through the slalom structure it enjoys this heat which allows it to be reshaped in to the desired form. This unique one piece ceramic body is the first and original 3D surface that is designed to allow straightening and styling large strands of hair in each brushing stroke.

DAFNIs patented hair interface provides the most efficient optimal, safest way to achieve quick quality results. On top of each brushing knob is place a springy heat insulating bristle. The insulating bristles give a credible protection for the scalp thus enabling direct contact with the scalp safely assuring great straightening right from the root. The springiness creates a soft pleasant touch and a good compatibility with brush movement to the scalps nature structure. The peripheral plastic bristles surround the ceramic brushing knobs, protect the scalp and hands of the ceramic body and also assist in pulling the heated hair for best results.

Why It Works

The brush was designed and developed by two electric engineers, a father and his daughter after a thorough research of the hairs inner structure and characteristics. DAFNIs brush was developed with a great deal of thought from the general idea and down to the smallest details. DAFNI is designed to give the user a new and refreshing straightening experience; by providing an easy, intuitive way to communicate with your hair and get it beautifully straight in no time, just by brushing it.