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Compex One Stimulator

Compex One Stimulator

With a choice of no less than 10 programmes, both men and women can now work all body zones using just one product! We have a fully boxed returned, unused unit available for only 150 It includes new complete accessories. Please select from the dropdown below if you'd like to order one. Please Note: as this is such a good offer it is non returnable unless faulty.

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The original Compex technology is a highly esteemed technology used by professional athletes and physiotherapists.

To allow everyone to benefit from efficient electrostimulation treatment, the Compex product developers have designed a device dedicated to the occasional user, but based on professional technology and now, offered to you at an affordable price

When we contract a muscle, our brain transmits this information in the form of an electrical signal. By stimulating the nerve fibres with electric impulses transmitted by electrodes, electrostimulation reproduces this process. This muscular response is completely identical to muscular work controlled by the brain. In other words, the muscle cannot distinguish whether the command comes from the brain or from the stimulator.

One enables you to work on your six-pack, biceps, pectoral muscles and quadriceps. And when you need a break, One is there to support you with a relaxing massage. Are you a man who wants to achieve many goals with just one device? Then One is what you need.Discover the 5 programmes, specifically designed for men:
  • Get a six-pack programme offers a specific stimulation mode to make your abdominal belt firmer, improve the muscle toning and give it a more harmonious shape, or even develop a rock-hard abdomen. All this can be achieved without any stress and danger for the lumbar spine.
  • The Develop your pecs programme is the perfect solution for working on these muscles and achieving a harmonious development of muscular volume.
  • TheGet stronger quads programme increases the strength of these muscles and provides a greater force gain than regular training.
  • TheBuild your biceps programme increases the volume of the stimulated muscles significantly. In addition, for a similar session time, this programme provides a greater volume gain than regular training.
  • Get a reviving massage.This programme is indicated for reducing unpleasant muscle tension and creating a relaxing sensation of wellbeing, in particular after a tiring day. It induces a state of optimal and very pleasant relaxation

You know what you want in life. But you sometimes feel you dont have the time to really take care of yourself. One might be just the reliable support you need by helping you shape your figure. With only one device, you can work on your abs, arms, buttocks and thighs. At any time. And when your legs are feeling heavy after a hard days work, One is there to make them light and supple.The 5 programmes, specifically designed for women, might just offer what you need:
  • The Firm up your arms programme offers a progressive stimulation of the arm muscles, restoring good muscle tone.
  • The Cut your abs programme subjects the abdominal belt muscles to appropriate and progressive stimulation, enabling you to regain a slimmer waist and firmer stomach.
  • The Shape your buttocks programme consists of making the buttock muscles work and subjecting them to the specific activity required to improve their firmness and give them a rounded and sculpted appearance.
  • The Firm up your thighs programme has the objective of submitting the muscles to progressively greater levels of activity, enabling restoration and/or maintenance of a muscle tone that can improve thigh firmness and appearance.
  • Get a reviving massage. This programme is intended to eliminate the sensation of heaviness and discomfort in the legs, which is felt in particular circumstances. It quickly induces a feeling of lightness and suppleness.
From now on, you can decide without limitation the time and place to work out: at home, while travelling and, why not, at work.
The Compex One Stimulator features:

  • Effective, safe and comfortable to use
  • Toning Muscle Stimulator for Men and Women
  • Reviving massage
  • 4 channels for a complete and effective workout
  • Matrix LCD display with backlight
  • 10 programmes to work all body zones
  • Allows you to work your whole body with one product
  • Dedicated to the occasional user, but based on professional technology
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