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Compex 3 Professional

Compex 3 Professional

Compex 3 Professional addresses all your therapy needs and allows you yo creat a patient list on your computer .

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Integrated electrotherapy and proposed treatments combining for a range of rehabilitation techniques and stimulation therapy.

Software, docking station and stimulator: To prepare and manage your daily treatment plans and monitor each individual patient, a patient interface establishes a link between your computer and Compex 3 by means of a docking station and a USB connection. The software features were designed with and for therapists: the programmable Compex 3 is a tool reserved for healthcare professionals.


  • Preset treatment programs: for muscular rehabilitation, pain relief, denervated muscles, hyperhidrosis and Iontophoresis as well as oedemas.
  • Programmable: Create and personalise programs, in order to customise the parameters specific to patients.
  • Mi-Technology with four Mi-Sensors included in the kit: Mi-Scan, Mi-Action, Mi-Tens and Mi-Range.
  • Ti-Tens: Sensitivity is assessed Compex 3 helps you to determine the sensitivity level before starting a Gate control stimulation type session, tailored to each patient.
  • Denervated treatments: Use your Compex 3 to determine whether denervation is total or partial. For a partial denervation Compex 3 performs an automatic ramp search.
  • Iontophoresis: Available on one channel. Automatically calculates the advised electrical density.
  • Organise your treatments: By creating a list of patients on your computer
    -By assigning personalised treatments
    -By transferring the list of patients to your Compex 3
    -By updating your list at any time
  • History/Archiving: store information in the form of patient files
  • Synchronising: Exchange user data and treatment plans between Compex 3 and your computer in seconds

Technical Specifications

  • Available in ten languages: EN, FR, GE, SP, IT, SE, NL, PT, TU, GR
  • Back lit , graphic, pixel based display
  • Rechargeable battery: with the recharger included in the kit, a full cycle of recharging will take a maximum of 2.5 hours.
  • IPS (Independent Protection System) is implemented to survey all pulses generated from the 4 channels. If the energy is sent out in an unwanted way, the protection system immediately stops any transfer of energy and turns off the device

Click here for the Compex 3 Professional user manual which shows you exactly how to use it:

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Compex has always strived to integrate electrotherapy and their treatments proposed in a global care method combining a range of rehabilitation techniques and stimulation programmes.
You can use Compex 3 to manage the daily list of your patients and the treatments, to access the history of their re-education sessions, and to create personalised programmes if necessary. All these features are centralised in the simulator: everything is easily accessible. Featuring the muscle intelligence technology, Compex 3 provides all the standard neurostimulation programmes, not to mention denervation and treatments performed using direct current. This multi-specialist solution addresses all your electrotherapy needs.

The docking station

This docking station, connected to your computer via a USB cable and to the mains via a charger, performs several functions:
  • It is a base for storing your stimulator when you are not using it. The stimulator remains easily accessible and ready to use.
  • It provides the interface with your PC
  • It makes it easy to recharge the stimulator

Compex 3 Professional Intelligent Effective Electrotherapy software

This patient interface will simplify your daily life. You can prepare your work day, and view the individual needs of your patients. The software features were designed with and for therapists: Compex 3 is a tool reserved for health care professionals.
Schedule a patients list
  1. Create a patients list on your computer and assign them a list of treatments to be performed
  2. Transfer this information to the stimulator. Now you can use the stimulator to directly access the priority care to be provided
  3. You can also create a new patient directly from the stimulator and commence treatment
You can change your daily schedule at any time
Keeping a patient history. Any treatments performed by patients are recorded by the stimulator and can then be transferred to the patients history file stored on the computer. Thus you have a complete, detailed patient history.
Creating a personalised programme. The software also lets you create your own treatments by choosing your stimulation parameters. You can assign this treatment for a given patient, or install it in the stimulator in order to use it as a standard programme.
SynchronisationDuring this step you exchange data between the stimulator and the computer.This synchronisation can be carried out:
  • via the docking station
  • via the USB cable, i.e. directly between the stimulator and the computer This avoids the need to carry the docking station when you are out of the office

Compex 3 Professional Intelligent Effective Electrotherapy

Just before each session the Mi Scan analyzes the muscles to be stimulated (12 sec) and sends this data to the Stimulator which adjusts the Stimulator's parameters to the excitability (sensitivity) of this area of your body ensuring optimal stimulation (combine active exercise with electro-stimulation): The Action mode allows the patient to trigger an electrically induced stimulation by voluntarily contracting their muscles
Abdominal Muscles Stimulation Positions:
  • Lie down stretched out on your back, which can be slightly raised
  • To Trigger Electrical Stimulation: Strongly contract your abdominal muscles, whilst raising your head and shoulders from their support
Mi-ACTION Benefits:
  • Optimize performance by combining voluntary and electrical stimulation exercises which together stimulate the muscular fibres more intensively
  • These programs require active participation ensuring patients become fully involved in session
  • Helps to re-tone the body and facilitate motor re-education in patients with neuromuscular disorders
MI-TENS (self regulating pain therapy):
  • This function takes measurements regularly during Modulated TeNS, Epicondylitis and Arthralgia programs, and automatically controls stimulation to avoid unwanted muscle contractions ensuring your patients receive comfortable effective treatments (controlling energy):
  • For low frequency programs (less than 10 hertz) where vigorous muscular twitches are required - e.g. reduced swelling of feet and ankles.The Mi range function checks you are in the ideal intensity range to ensure optimum results