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Clarisonic Smart Profile Turbo Body Brush Head

Clarisonic Smart Profile Turbo Body Brush Head

Clarisonic Smart Profile turbo body brush offers cleaning and exfoliation over your whole body, with a sonic massage for deeper cleansing. The Smart Cleansing process is done in 3 stages. 1 30 seconds of foaming massage 2. 2 minutes of full body cleansing 3 30 seconds pulsating massage to finish. Perfect for all skin types.

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Optimised Cleansing

Designed for use on the body with the Clarisonic Smart Profile, this brush head exfoliates rough, dry skin whilst giving you a gentle massage.

Much like the Smart Dynamic Facial brush head, this accessory uses microchip technology to adapt the cleansing experience to your needs

Smart Technology

These two brush heads are designed to work with the Clarisonic Smart Profile cleansing device to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Armed with microchip technology, they adapt to your cleansing routine, altering their speed and timing to suit.

You should aim to replace your brush head every three months to make sure you are getting the best experience out of your device.

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  • Clarisonic Smart Profile Turbo Body Brush Head