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Clarisonic Brush Heads for the Face and the Body

Clarisonic Brush Heads for the Face and the Body

No matter what your skin type, there’s a Clarisonic brush head to help with your skin problems.  The standard facial brush heads are compatible with any model, with the Smart brush heads for face and body designed only for use with the Smart Profile. You should replace your brush head every three months to make sure you’re getting the most out of your device.

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Which is best for me?

Sensitive Brush Head

This head is great is you're a first-time Clarisonic user, or if you have particularly sensitive skin on your face.

Delicate Brush Head

Aside from the Luxe brush heads, the delicate is the most gentle around. Its perfect for extra sensitive skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head

This brush head is the perfect solution for balancing oil, reducing the appearance of pores and getting to tough-to-reach areas like around the nose.

Body Brush Head

This brush head is designed to be used with the Clarisonic Plus and can be used all over the body. Its great for helping with dry skin and removing tanning products too.

Radiance Brush Head

This new addition to the Clarisonic brush head range offers you your most comfortable cleanse yet. With over 50% more individual extra fine bristles than the Sensitive brush head, the Radiance brush head is even more gentle than the Delicate brush head yet still cleanses six times better than manual cleansing alone. It's the new CB favourite.

Smart Dynamic Facial Brush Head

This brush head is designed specifically use for use with the Clarisonic Smart Profile. It's programmed to automatically adjust speed, power and timing to give you the best cleansing experience possible. Its ideal for combination skin, so can tackle oil and dryness in one fell swoop.

Smart Turbo Body Brush Head

Designed for use on the body with the Clarisonic Smart Profile, this brush head exfoliates rough, dry skin whilst giving you a gentle massage. Much like the Smart Dynamic Facial brush head, this accessory uses microchip technology to adapt the cleansing experience to your needs

The Pedi Smoothing Disc

This head can be used with your Clarisonic Pedi, or the new Clarisonic Smart Profile. Use this rough head twice weekly to thoroughly sand away and smooth dull foot skin.

The Pedi Wet/Dry Buff Head

This head can be used with the Clarisonic Pedi or the Clarisonic Smart Profile. Its the most regular part of your Pedi-regimen, designed to effectively buff and exfoliate your feet on a daily basis.

Alpha Men's Daily Cleanse Brush Head

Made specifically for men's resilient skin, this cleansing brush head for men is made with shorter, firmer bristles and fits all Clarisonic devices. It's designed to clear your skin of sweat, dirt, and oil, working its way into the beard, cleansing facial hair and the skin beneath. For men who prefer a clean-shaven finish, this brush works with the Clarisonic Alpha Fit Facial Cleanser to prepare the skin for a closer feeling shave.

Tailor to your routine

The Clarisonic is such a great cleansing device and its so assuring to know that whatever skin problem you have, theres a brush head to suit your skin. Here at CB we love that there are different levels of sensitivity to choose from, depending on which area you're treating, or how delicate your skin is.

Brush Head Care

To keep your brush head clean, simply rinse the brush head with antibacterial soap and warm water. We recommend replacing your Clarisonic brush head every 3-4 months.


As Seen on BBC One

As an official UK distributor of genuine Clarisonic products, CURRENTBODY's Co-Founder, Laurence Newman, spoke to BBC One's Fake Britain about the ongoing issue of fake beauty devices and how to spot a fake Clarisonic. Watch it here.