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Cefar Rehab Electro-Stimulator

Cefar Rehab Electro-Stimulator

Developed for physiotherapists and rehab clinics, the Cefar Rehab Electro-Stimulator is a 4-channel electro stimulator.

Designed for professional demands, it supports pain management, treatment of vascular diseases, and muscle stimulation with basic programmes.

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Muscle Intelligence Technology

The Cefar Rehab Electro-Stimulator is Mi-Ready* and includes MI integrated technology on all four levels.

Its 4 MI functions include:

Mi-Scan - customise the stimulation according to the physiology for more comfort and efficiency

Mi-Tens - work efficiently just behind the threshold of the TENS programme

Mi-Range - works efficient in the range of intensity required for low frequency ranges

Mi-Action - Active session with a voluntary contract detected by the device to start the stimulation

*Mi-Cable is not included.


4 Standard Programmes Categories

The Cefar Rehab Electro-Stimulator has 4 standard programmes categories:

Rehabilitation I

Pain Relief I


Conditioning I

You can choose one programme for channel 1 and 2, and then select another programme from the 2+2 programme list for channel 3 and 4. This allows treatment of two different body parts, or two patients simultaneously, or combines NMES and TENS as one treatment.

The Skip function allows you to manage the session time and move directly to the next phase (recovery) when needed.

The Motor Point Pen is a very useful tool in combination with the dedicated programme, which helps to ensure the optimal electrode placement.

Also, the programmability creates and personalises programmes to customise the patient's specific parameters.

What's in the Box?
  • Rehab Device

  • Fast Charger

  • Battery Pack

  • Set of 4 pin cables

  • Snap Adopter Kit

  • Protecting Cover

  • 2 Bags of Small Electrodes

  • 2 Bags of Large Electrodes

  • CD/USB User Manual and Practical Guide

  • Quick Start Guide and Warning Leaflet

  • Electrode Placement Leaflet

  • Bottle of Gel

  • Motor Point Pen

  • Transportation Pouch

  • Belt Clip