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Beurer Stomach Toning Belt EM35 - Flexible abdominal belt

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Abdominal toning belt for electrical muscle stimulation of the front and side abdominal muscles.

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The Beurer abdominal toning belt EM 35 incorporates muscle stimulator with 4 in-built conductive carbon electrodes.

The stimulator generates gentle electrical pulses, which pass through the skin to the muscles. The electrical pulses stimulate the muscle fibres to contract and relax repeatedly and effortlessly. This repeated passive exercise helps to improve muscle tone, muscle strength and muscle definition. The muscle stimulator works passively and effortlessly to aid active training efforts and muscle rehabilitation.

Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt EM 35 has five coordinated programmes. Over a course of several weeks, the abdominal toning belt EM 35 enables you to progressively improve your abdominal muscle tone and muscle strength in a stepwise progression. As the abdominal toning belt exercises your muscles passively, you can potentiate its effects by using it alongside active training regime.

The abdominal toning belt allows the user to adjust the stimulation intensity to personal comfort level. You can re-adjust the signal up and/or down at any time as required or preferred. There are 40 levels of intensity available.

Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt EM 35 has 4 wear-free water contact electrodes made from conducting carbon material. The electrodes do not require application of conductive gels prior to use of the abdominal belt - you simply moisten the electrodes with water. Additionally, the electrodes are durable and lasting and do not require to be replaced.

Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt EM 35 uses 4 electrodes that enable central and lateral abdominal muscle toning.

Using the Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt EM 35 is effortless and painless and produces excellent results on central and lateral abdominal muscle areas.

Beurer Abdominal Muscle Belt features:

  • Nonwearing contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material
  • Electrodes with water contact (no contact gel, no replacement)
  • LCD display with figurative symbols
  • 5 training programs (22 to 31 min)
  • Countdown time with remaining time
  • Training memory function for continuous training control
  • Safety switch off/ pause function/ automatic switch off/ key lock
  • Removable control element
  • Battery changing indicator

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  • Why buy this product?

    • 5 training programs (22 - 31 minutes)
    • Clear LCD control display
    • Flexible adjustable with Velcro fastening
    • Has a circumference of 75 to 140 cm
    • Tones front and side abdominal muscles
    • Washable

    What's in the box?

    • Beurer Stomach Toning belt
    • User manual
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    Value for money:

    I recommend this!

    From:Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


    " This belt was cheaper here than anywhere else I could find. It arrived in Canada exactly 10 days after I placed the order which is excellent. The quality is excellent and the power is sufficient to cause very strong contractions. The only shortcoming is the excessively long rest period between contractions. I would definitely recommend this belt from the Beurer EM35 from CurrentBody. "

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    For women?

    Can you use the EM35 on women too? It dosen't say anywhere if it's just for men or both..

    by Emily from Norway
    Hi Emily, Yes the Beurer EM35 is also suitable for women.
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    What kind of batteries?

    Hi, what kind of batteries are used? Thanks.

    by Leopold from Italy
    3 AAA 1.5 volts. It is not recommended that you use re-chargable batteries due to electrical feedback
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    3 Year Warranty

    Beurer Stomach Toning Belt EM35 comes with a 3 year warranty


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