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Work Appropriate (And Totally Gorgeous) Nail Art

First came the Models Own Gold Rush Couture nail polish, which would set you back $130,000 for some regular old £5 nail polish presented in a hand-made yellow gold and diamond encrusted    bottle. Then Azature had to do one better and put diamonds in the bottle with their take on the super-luxe polish. The glitzy polish which contains 267 carats makes my go-to No 7 nail polish look, well, tacky.

Kelly Osbourne was criticizsed for sporting the $250,000 mani at the Emmys earlier this year. My only thought on the matter was: how depressing must it be to take that stuff off? Can you imagine throwing away diamond encrusted cotton wool balls?

It’s something that many of us have to go through every Sunday night; we have awesome nails all weekend, but then come Monday we remember that sparkle has no place in the office.

That said, you don’t have to opt for a nude nail look, or just stick to a boring colour, there are ways you can make your nails stunning and still be work appropriate.

1. Choose the shade carefully. 

Pastels, a classic red, a twist on nude, or a neutral colour all work well for work. Being neatly manicured is probably more important than the shade you choose. Just avoid anything neon, or sparkly.

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2. Stick to one shade. 

It can be tempting to try an easy ombre, but this will only draw more attention to your nails. Keep it simple.

3. Have fun with matte top coats.

If you’re determined to have some kind of nail art going on, then using a matte top coat in a decorative way is one of the easiest ways of doing this while remaining subtle.

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