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Winter Workouts

The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in, and the weather is getting less brilliant by the minute. But this doesn’t mean autumn should mark the end of your fitness training! If anything, now is the time to start planning ahead to next year, and figuring out which events you’re going to be competing in. Let’s face it, we all need something to pull us through the dark winter months. Finding the motivation to push through winter workouts is tough, which is why it makes sense to have a goal in mind.

If you’re new to running, why not make 2013 the year for your first 5k or 10k competitive run? 12 weeks is all you need to get Couch to 5K fit, so there really are no excuses! If you’re more experienced, it might be time to push yourself to a half, or even a full marathon.

Here’s just a taste of what will be happening next March-April in the UK to get you inspired…

16th March 2013 Maxifuel F3 Events – Half Marathon

17th March 2013 Inverness Half Marathon

20th March 2013 Xendurance Trail Run 5km & 10km – Winter Event 3

23rd March 2013 Selsdon Half Marathon 

31st March 2013 The Witches’ Revenge 10k Obstacle Race

7th April 2013 Blackpool Marathon 2013

14th April 2013 Brighton Marathon

21st April 2013 Virgin London Marathon

What are you waiting for? Get those running shoes on and get training! It’s only 6 months away…

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