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What to do if you get a Clarisonic for Christmas…

Since Clarisonic’s are basically the perfect gift, and you’ve probably been hinting that you want one for the better part of this past year, it’s likely that you’ll find one under the Christmas tree this year. So here’s a fool-proof, tried and tested guide to keeping your cool if you find one of these must have gadgets in your stocking this Christmas…

Open Me Present

Step One: Remain calm, don’t rush off to the bathroom and lock yourself in for the rest of the day. Thank the person who gave it to you and then quietly excuse yourself.

The reason for this? You need to get your Clarisonic charging ASAP, as it requires a 24 hour charge before you can use it. Find the nearest plug socket and calmly remove your Clarisonic from it’s packaging. If you have a Clarisonic plus, spend twenty minutes or so wondering why it won’t fit in the cradle, and then realise that you’re putting it in the wrong way round.

Clarisonic Plus Christmas Gift

Step Two: Start the timer; 24 hours from now you’ll be scrubbing your face like it has never been scrubbed before.

Step Three: Post an update on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr; just so that everyone knows to check out your radiant looking skin next time they see you.

Step Four: Check your inventory and acquaint yourself with the new lotions and potions, remove their foil seals and have a good sniff. That cucumber one, isn’t it divine? Tweet about it.

Step Five: Collect yourself and return to the Christmas gathering. If the gift was from your significant other and you’re doing Christmas alone this year, then they’ve been sitting alone for about 20 minutes now and would probably appreciate some company.

Step Six: Wait… it’ll be like waiting for Christmas all over again, but don’t worry, it’s only one more sleep!

Merry Christmas!!

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